Halo offers telephonic support that covers your emergency assistance, medical and counselling needs.
Call 0801 118 824 to receive support now.


Step 1

Once you have signed up with Halo, you will receive an email and SMS with your Halo membership number.

Step 2

You can now call our compassionate support team on 0801 118 824 for professional assistance and counselling.

Step 3

Request assistance and let Halo help you through the difficult times with:

  • medical assistance
  • HIV assistance/advice
  • trauma assistance/counselling
  • funeral management
  • and repatriation of mortal remains.

Product Features

Emergency Medical Assistance

Halo offers professional guidance through medical emergencies.
  • Halo’s professional medical staff will telephonically guide you through a medical crisis.
  • You'll be referred to the relevant crisis line in the following cases:
    - Family and domestic abuse
    - Rape
    - Trauma
    - Child Abuse
    - Sadness
    - HIV
    - Suicide
    - Poison (In-house)

Medical Advice and Information Hotline*

Medical personnel available to assist you 24/7.
  • Get easily referred to your nearest medical facilities, general practitioners, medical transport and health specialists.
  • Medical advice that you receive includes information on:
  • - Prescription medication
    - Headaches / Migraines
    - Allergies
    - Women's / Men's Health
    - Contraindication of medicines
    - Stomach aches
    - Treatment of abrasions
    - Supplements
  • - Fevers
    - Antibiotics
    - Blurred vision
    - Cramps
    - Earaches
    - Fevers
    - Insomnia
*This is a telephonic service and therefore does not guarantee an accurate diagnosis, however, Halo medical personnel will do their utmost to assist you with any medical information and advice, when you need it most.

HIV Assistance and Advice

We're here to ensure you're calm and comforted
  • Halo's communication centre provides HIV/Aids information and advice 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Emergency transportation is provided to the nearest network doctor and telephonic trauma counselling for HIV and rape incidents.
  • Three consultations and three blood tests are offered for rape, trauma or potential exposure cases.
  • Halo also provides access to anti-retroviral or prophylactic therapy up to 28 days as well as STD therapy.

Trauma Assistance and Counselling

We offer 24 hour trauma support to keep your mind at ease.
  • Halo gives you peace of mind by minimising the risk of prolonged trauma.
  • The primary focus is on immediate prevention through 24 hour support and access to professionals, medical assistance and counseling.
  • Types of trauma may include rape, murder, mugging, car accidents, hijacking, natural disasters, assault and armed robbery.

Repatriation of Mortal Remains

We help you deal with the difficult times.
  • Halo is here to assist with the repatriation of mortal remains from anywhere in South Africa (including Swaziland and Lesotho) to a funeral home of choice closest to the place of burial.
  • In the event of you or your family member's death (50km or more from main place of residence), the bereaved family and next-of-kin will receive assistance with transporting their loved one back 'home'.
  • Halo also helps with relevant funeral information and finding transport and accommodation to and from the funeral for family members.

Funeral Management Service

We offer specialised, professional assistance with funeral arrangements.
  • Halo guides you through the correct procedures to follow when obtaining official documentation, such as death certificates and border crossing documents.
  • Receive dedicated support with the legal aspects of the funeral procedures, such as correct removal of the body, and autopsies.
  • Get referrals to the right pathologists and reputable undertakers.
  • Get assistance with funeral arrangements, tombstones, marques, catering and flowers.
  • Halo also offers transportation arrangements for the remains to the funeral home nearest the place of burial, and can also cover the cost of one relative accompanying the remains to the funeral home.
  • Halo may also negotiate discounts from funeral homes on your behalf.